The following equipment is available in our labs:

Synthesis and processing

  • Dip-coater
  • Spin-coater
  • Glove-box with coating facilities
  • Tubular furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Ar, N2, H2/N2, NH3 etc)
  • Calcination furnaces
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Schlenk-line facilities
  • Synthesis autoclaves (40 mL and 1L)
  • CO2-supercritical drying reactor (1L)
  • Spray-coater
  • ALD reactors (Wafers and powders, Arradiance) New!
  • Drybox for battery processing


Characterization techniques


Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry

  • Potentiostats - galvanostats (also mutichannel with impedance spectroscopy)
  • Rotating-disc electrode set-ups
  • Rotating-ring-disc electrode set-ups
  • Fuel Cell test station
  • Photoelectrochemical set-ups
  • IPCE set-up
  • Glovebox (Argon for LIB)
  • Battery Cycler 
  • Coin cell and swagelock cell equippment
  • EC-MS system (SpectroInlets) New!



  • UV-Vis spectrometer with thin film flow cell
  • FT-IR Spectrometer (Tensor II Bruker) for spectroelectrochemical investigations of electrolyte-electrode interfaces
  • ATR-IR spectroelectrochemical cell
  • Raman Microscope (Bruker)



  • Nitrogen physisorption for pore size analysis and surface area determination
  • Water physisorption (soon to come)



  • High-resolution scanning electron microscope

     FEG-HRSEM SU8220 from HITACHI with a TE, BSE, SE and 2 EDX detectors (Bruker) for elemental           analysis.

     For the postmortem analysis of battery materials we also have inert transfer capsules.

  • In-situ electrochemical (S)TEM holder
  • In-situ electrochemical SEM holder (soon to come)


In addition we have access to the full facilities of the IAAC, the FMF and the FIT including inter alia

NMR, XRD, GI-XRD, SAXS and GI-SAXS, FT-IR, Raman, AAS, EA, HR-(S)TEM, AFM etc...



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