The following equipment is available in our labs:

Synthesis and processing

  • Dip-coater
  • Spin-coater
  • Glove-box with coating facilities
  • Tubular furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Ar, N2, H2/N2, NH3 etc)
  • Calcination furnaces
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Schlenk-line facilities
  • Synthesis autoclaves (40 mL and 1L)
  • CO2-supercritical drying reactor (1L)
  • Spray-coater
  • ALD reactors (Wafers and powders, Arradiance) New!
  • Drybox for battery processing


Characterization techniques


Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry

  • Potentiostats - galvanostats (also mutichannel with impedance spectroscopy)
  • Rotating-disc electrode set-ups
  • Rotating-ring-disc electrode set-ups
  • Fuel Cell test station
  • Photoelectrochemical set-ups
  • IPCE set-up
  • Glovebox (Argon for LIB)
  • Battery Cycler 
  • Coin cell and swagelock cell equippment
  • EC-MS system (SpectroInlets) New!



  • UV-Vis spectrometer with thin film flow cell
  • FT-IR Spectrometer (Tensor II Bruker) for spectroelectrochemical investigations of electrolyte-electrode interfaces
  • ATR-IR spectroelectrochemical cell
  • Raman Microscope (Bruker)
  • ICP-OES New!
  • XAS spectrometer!



  • Nitrogen physisorption for pore size analysis and surface area determination
  • Water physisorption (soon to come) New!



  • High-resolution scanning electron microscope

     FEG-HRSEM SU8220 from HITACHI with a TE, BSE, SE and 2 EDX detectors (Bruker) for elemental           analysis.

     For the postmortem analysis of battery materials we also have inert transfer capsules.

  • In-situ electrochemical (S)TEM holder
  • In-situ electrochemical SEM holder (soon to come) New!


In addition we have access to the full facilities of the IAAC, the FMF and the FIT including inter alia

NMR, XRD, GI-XRD, PDF analysis, SAXS and GI-SAXS, FT-IR, Raman, AAS, EA, HR-(S)TEM, AFM etc...



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