Publications 2024


(103) Küspert, S.; Campbell, I. E.; Zeng, Z.; Balaghi, S. E.; Ortlieb, N.; Thomann, R.; Knäbbeler‐Buß, M.; Allen, C. S.; Mohney, S. E.; Fischer, A.
Ultrasmall and Highly Dispersed Pt Entities Deposited on Mesoporous N‐doped Carbon Nanospheres by Pulsed CVD for Improved HER.
Small 2024.

(102) Büttner, J.; Delgado, R.; Wessling, R.; Wang, Y.; Esser, B.; *Würfel, U.; *Fischer, A.
Energy Harvesting and Storage with a High Voltage Organic Inorganic Photo‐Battery for Internet of Things Applications.
Energy Technol. 2024.

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