Dr. Taisiia Berestok


Dr. Taisiia Berestok

Postdoctoral fellow


Curriculum Vitae:

Taisiia obtained her PhD degree in Nanoscience from University of Barcelona in 2018, within the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC, Spain).

During her PhD, she carried a multidisciplinary study encompassing synthesis, manipulation, materials surface chemistry, assembly and characterization of various metal, metal oxide, semiconductor nanoparticles and nanoparticle based aerogels for energy-related applications. Her current research is focused on developing photo-rechargeable energy storage systems. 


Topics of interest:

  • Novel materials, nanotechnology and its application for energy harvesting, conversion and storage.


Selected Publications:

  • Berestok, T.; Guardia, P.; Ibáñez, M.; Meyns, M.; Colombo, M.; Kovalenko, M. V.; Peiró, F.; Cabot, A., Electrostatic-driven gelation of colloidal nanocrystals. Langmuir 2018, 34 (31), 9167-9174.
  • Berestok, T.; Guardia, P.; Du, R.; Portals, J. B.; Colombo, M.; Estradé, S.; Peiró, F.; Brock, S. L.; Cabot, A., Metal Oxide Aerogels with Controlled Crystallinity and Faceting from the Epoxide-Driven Cross-Linking of Colloidal Nanocrystals. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018,10 (18), 16041-16048.
  • Berestok, T.; Guardia, P.; Portals, J. B.; Estradé, S.; Llorca, J.; Peiró, F.; Cabot, A.; Brock, S. L., Surface Chemistry and Nano-/Microstructure Engineering on Photocatalytic In2S3 Nanocrystals. Langmuir 2018,34 (22), 6470-6479.
  • Berestok, T.; Guardia, P.; Estradé, S.; Llorca, J.; Peiró, F.; Cabot, A.; Brock, S. L., CuGaS2 and CuGaS2–ZnS Porous Layers from Solution-Processed Nanocrystals. Nanomaterials 2018,8 (4), 220.
  • Berestok, T.; Guardia, P.; Blanco, J.; Nafria, R.; Torruella, P.; Lopez-Conesa, L.; Estrade, S.; Ibáñez, M.; De Roo, J.; Luo, Z., Tuning Branching in Ceria Nanocrystals. Chemistry of Materials 2017,29 (10), 4418-4424.
  • Blanco-Portals, J.; Berestok, T.; Torruella, P.; Coll, C.; López-Conesa, L.; Guardia, P.; Coy, L.; Cabot, A.; Estradé, S.; Peiró, F., Atomistic modelling and high resolution electron microscopy simulations of CeO2 nanoparticles. Applied Physics Letters 2017,111 (22), 223107.
  • Latyshev, V. M.; Berestok, T. O.; Opanasyuk, A.; Kornyushchenko, A.; Perekrestov, V. I., Nanostructured ZnO films for potential use in LPG gas sensors. Solid State Sciences 2017,67, 109-113.
  • Ibáñez, M.; Berestok, T.; Dobrozhan, O.; LaLonde, A.; Izquierdo-Roca, V.; Shavel, A.; Pérez-Rodríguez, A.; Snyder, G. J.; Cabot, A., Phosphonic acids aid composition adjustment in the synthesis of Cu2+xZn1-xSnSe4-y nanoparticles. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2016,18 (8), 226.



Activities outside of the laboratory:

  • Sports (rock climbing, hiking)
  • Languages


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