M.Sc Zhiqiang Zeng


M.Sc. Zhiqiang Zeng

Born in China in 1991

Status: Doctoral student

Working area:

  • Hydrogen evolution reaction

Curriculum vitae: 

I received my master degree in 2017 from South China Normal University (China). After that, I went to the Technische Universität Ilmenau (Germany) and started the first part of my PhD work. After two years and six months, I decided to join AK Fischer group at the University of Freiburg in order to deepen my knowledge in the field of electrocatalysis. At present, I focus on the fabrication of 3D nanostructures for HER by AAO and carbon templates.


Topics of interest: 

  • Electrocatalysis (HER, OER, CO2RR, and N2RR)
  • Applications of vertical nanowire arrays

Activities outside of the laboratory

  • Basketball
  • Hiking


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