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Nanostructured electrocatalysts for ORR


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  •  EDELKAT - A toolbox for optimized electrocatalysts           Bildergebnis für BMBF              

BMBF NanoMatFutur project (Jan. 2014 - Dez. 2019)

In this project we develop novel nanostructured electrocatalysts, in which the catalytically active components (e.g. platinum or noble metal nanoparticles) are stabilized against electrochemical sintering.

In this context, we particularly focus our efforts on yolk@shell structures.

We thereby developp novel atom efficient and one-pot synthetic routes towards yolk@shell nanostructures and investigate their applicability in electrocatalysis and in particular in fuel cell relevant  reactions.


Selected Publications:

Eßbach, C.; Senkovska, I.; Unmüssig, T.; Fischer, A.; Kaskel, S.
"Selective Alcohol Electrooxidation by ZIF-8 Functionalized Pt/Carbon Catalyst".
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, asap, acsami.9b06122.

Guiet, A.; Unmüssig, T.; Göbel, C.; Vainio, U.; Wollgarten, M., Driess, M.; Schlaad, H.; Polte, J.; Fischer, A.*, "Yolk@Shell Nanocores with Bimetallic Nanocores -  Synthesis and Electrocatalytic applications"
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8 (41), pp 28019–28029.

Guiet, A.; Göbel, K; Klingan, K.; Lublow, M.; Reier, T.; Vainio, U.; Kraehnert, R.; Schlaad, H.; Strasser, P.: Zaharieva, I.; Dau, H.; Driess, M.; Polte, J. and Fischer, A.*
Hydrophobic Nanoreactor Soft-Templating: A Supramolecular Approach to Yolk@Shell Materials,”
Adv. Funct. Mater., vol. 25, no. 39, pp. 6228–6240, 2015.




  •  BMBF HT-Linked project (Jan. 2015 - July 2020)                       Bildergebnis für BMBF

In this project we develop novel Pt/C electrocatalysts for HT-PEM fuel cells based on 3D porous nitrogen doped carbon supports with improved long-term stability.


Selected Publications:

Melke, J.*; Schuster, R.; Möbus, S.; Jurzinsky, T.; Elsässer, P.; Heilemann, A.; Fischer, A*. Electrochemical Stability of Silica-Templated Polyaniline-Derived Mesoporous N-Doped Carbons for the Design of Pt-Based Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts, Carbon 2019, 146, pp. 44–59.



  •      BMBF DEKADE project (Jan. 2017 - June 2020)                       Bildergebnis für BMBF


In this project we develop novel 3D porous Pt/C electrocatalysts for LT-PEM fuel cell cathodes based on sugar derived, sustainable porous carbon support materials.









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