M.Sc. Jan Büttner


M.Sc. Jan Büttner

Doctoral student


Curriculum Vitae:

I studied chemistry and sustainable materials  at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. My interests lie in the field of electrochemistry and my bachelor thesis was about platinum on ITO for the catalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction. During the sustainable materials master's program i specialized in functional materials and therein especially the synthesis and characterization (electrochemically, SEM, XRD, etc.) of inorganic functional materials. My master thesis was focused on the preparation and characterization of inorganic organic halide perovskites for the potential application as electrode materials in a highly integrated photorechargeable battery.


At present this work continues and my research interests are:

- Semiconductor electrodes (inorganic organic halide perovskites and others) and their behaviour in battery electrolytes

- Preparation of thin film electrodes with spin coating, dip coating and doctor blading

- Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical characterization (especially of thin films)

- Electron microscopy (especially of thin films)

- XRD (especially of thin films)



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