M.Sc. Niklas Maier


M.Sc. Niklas Maier

Born in Kitzingen in 1995

Doctoral student


Curriculum Vitae:

I have studied functional materials at the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg, with the focus on technical materials in the master. In this versatile course of study and multiple internships, I acquired a broad knowledge of material science, chemistry and physics. In my master's thesis, I dealt with the oxidative dissolution of gold from electronic waste as a new way of metal recycling.

Now I work in the project NANOTRET with the task to fabricate a nanostructured layer with permanently imprinted charges. Layers of this kind are called electrets and are mainly used in microphones and air filters, but lately also in vibration energy harvesters. My work aims to develop and optimize a new class of electret layers with nanostructured charge traps. I do the optimization in terms of charge density and charge stability, to develop a reliable energy generator with relatively high power output.


Topics of interest:

  • All sorts of spectroscopy for thin films, especially imaging techniques like SEM or TEM
  • Coating techniques and micromachining to structure layered electrets


Activities outside of the laboratory:

  • Sports (triathlon, basketball)
  • Repairing bikes
  • Cooking
  • Reading novels



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