M.Sc. Sven Küspert


M.Sc. Sven Küspert

Born in Marktredwitz in 1993

Doctoral student


Pt based ORR and HER electrocatalysts supported on improved porous carbon-based materials for energy-related applications - synthesis, structure and function correlations


Curriculum Vitae:

I got my Bachelors double degree in chemistry at the University of Freiburg (ALU) and the Université de Haute-Alsace Mulhouse. In my masters, I particularly studied inorganic functional materials during an internship at Clariant (PCl3 - AlCl3 catalysis) and Monash University McFarlane's group (Sodium ion batteries) as well as in Fischer's group at the ALU (Anion adsorption on Pt-based electrocatalysts). At present, my research focuses on the structure-function correlation of Pt and non-precious metal electrocatalysts for energy-related applications.


Topics of interest:

  • Structure-function correlation, electrocatalysis, sophisticated electron microscopy


Activities outside of the laboratory:

  • Sports (alpine hiking, table tennis, chess)
  • Young Chemists Forum Freiburg
  • Trainer table tennis


Contact information:


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