M.Sc. Yu Wang


B.Sc. Yu Wang

Master student


Working area:

  • Solar energy harvesting and storage


Curriculum vitae: 

I studied chemistry at Xiamen University (P.R.China) and sustainable materials at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. My bachelor thesis was about the investigation of Pt-TiO2-Graphene Catalyst and its performance on photo-catalyzed CO2 reduction reactions. After that, I have deepened in the topic of solar energy harvesting and combined knowledge of photo/ photo-electrocatalysis and skills of nano-semiconductor synthesis. During the master program “functional material” I specialized in inorganic functional materials and microsystem techniques. My master thesis, however, will focus on solar energy storage techniques: Lithium-Ion-battery based integrated-and-rechargeable photo-battery.


Topics of interest: 

  • Lithium-Ion-battery (LIB) fabrication technique.
  • Strategies on maintaining capacity retention and developing the performance of LIB.
  • Thin-film technique and characterization methods on thin film.

Activities outside of the laboratory

  • (Cyber) Cat-huffing/petting
  • Freediving / MTB
  • Boardgames


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